Pronance Decentralized
Crypto Platform

We strive to build a revolutionary decentralized
crypto platform & exchange that works.

Our Goal!

Collected 160 BNB!

DxSale Ended!

The biggest decentralized exchange launch of 2021.

Private crowdsale stats

Currently, we are raising funds using DxSale. Our DxSale target is reachable and once it's achieved, the next round will be started on Pancake Swap.

Total Raised:










Total ContributorsCounting...

Token UsesBinance Smart Chain

Token StandardBSC

Token NamePronance

Token SymbolPNB

Average ContributionCounting... / Contributor

Number of Transactions....

Countries Participated84

Total Tokens Issued2 Billion

Token Sale JurisdictionGibraltar

Community owned

No Fee during (Crowdsale & IDO)

Pronance is a community-owned crypto asset. The holders of the token will enjoy huge benefits including fee-free trading and more on the platform.

Early investors will enjoy the maximum benefits including 100% fee waivers during purchase. After 15th June, the fees will be 10% on each trade. 5% Liquidity Pool, 2% burn, and 3% redistribution to its holders.

stay in touch

We are everywhere. Spread the voice and help us to raise our initial target.


We are working day and night to compete with deadlines and achieve more.
  1. Initialization

    Website setup
    Social Media setup

  2. Pre-IDO

    Initial Platform Development
    Token sale on DxSale

  3. Listings

    Listing on Coinmarketcap
    Listing on Coingecko
    Listing on Pancake Swap

  4. Infinity Platform

    Pronance Wallet Launch
    Pronance P2P Design Completion
    Pronance Decentralized Exchange Design

  5. Distribution & Node

    Pronance platform official launch
    Pronance community functionality
    Platform localized into 5+ languages

  6. Infinity Completion

    Pronance (P2P) official launch
    Pronance platform opens to 3rd party developer
    Pronance Decentralized Exchange Launch

  7. Listed on Exchange

    Platform localized into 15+ languages.
    Further listings on Exchanges including Binance, Coinbase

  8. Integrations

    Integration of interoperable unified health records, zero-knowledge storage, and blockchain permissions.

  9. Network Expansion

    Pronance Network system support and adoption of value-added services. Design and execution of crypto certified projects.

  10. Development

    The Pronance Network was introduced to the public in order to address common downfalls of inoperable systems.

  11. Banking

    Smart contract based management of assets with enhanced security and new investment opportunities

  12. Payment Service

    For payment service and decentralized exchange, demo of profit distribution mechanism on TestNet

  13. Open Source

    The open-source model is a decentralized software-development model that encourages open collaboration

  14. Sign-Up Opens

    Integrate with more blockchain protocols
    Release first version of the Pronance platform

  15. API gateway

    Implement Pronance Identity Management System and Smart Contract Authorization System

About Pronance

Pronance (PNB )s a decentralized crypto platform as a service (PaaS) aiming to provide the best user experience of the trade journey. We aim to become the decentralized crypto market leaders as a PAAS. Pronance aims to build the most advanced and largest decentralized crypto platform that will incorporate it's exchange, dex, p2p, staking, farming, Defi and more. All of them will be dApps and interconnected.

What makes us different?

Built from scratch and with scalability in mind, every phase of the platform is a dApp that is interconnected and works with each other, resulting in the best DAO in the market. Currently we are designing the token platform that provides flexibility, true decentralization & automation through our connected applications and is designed for interoperability in mind from the start!

Frequently Asked Questions

We put down the questions that are most frequently asked on social media platforms.
  • Pronance team believes in the safety and integrity of its community. Therefore, we will put all the unsold tokens into the community wallet upon closing its IDO.

    Therefore, all the unsold tokens will be traded normally and is available to the community.

    Pronance Platform will do its best for the continuity, longevity, and growth of the token price and usage.

  • Pronance Team: The vision for this project is to be as decentralized as possible and allow governance by the community.

    We will provide consistent, transparent communication through our monthly product update and demo on the progress being made on the Pronance platform.

    We will be making updates to our team website to include a team section introducing members, respecting their privacy.

  • It's quite difficult to explain the team's dedication when you are genuinely working for the community's well-being and are fiercely dedicated to building a super-class decentralized crypto platform. Here we put our eggs to explain why you should trust us.

    1. We are working as a brand identity ``Pronance``. We hold all Pronance usernames and domains. Scammers usually don't put emphasizes on it as its purpose is based on long-term goals.

    2. Our domain is around 14 years old and is purchased with a vision to build a dedicated decentralized crypto platform on it, as the name suggests, ``Professional Finance``.

    3. We did a lot of research in crafting the architecture of the platform. Scammers don't do this.

    4. We hold world-class Tokenomics that will benefit the community.

    5. We are selling tokens for a decentralized project.

    6. We have a team of around 25 devs. We won't let you down.

    7. We are everywhere, from social media to platforms and crypto sites.

  • This is our long-awaited project. We spent hundreds of hours in its feasibility studies and more. We won't waste our efforts. We are not going anywhere.

  • We are a team of friends, individuals, and work colleagues including some freelancers. We have expertise in the following areas.

    1. Design and architecture of the platform.
    2. Marketing
    3. Management
    4. Videography
    5. and more...

  • Here is our contract address. 0x824e9876b015b94a4d3c53204e973dc45eaed866

    Here is the page of tokenomics.

    Here is our roadmap: Scroll above to explore Pronance roadmap.